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2nd Year Final Major Project (April, 2020)

This is one piece that heavily reflects my creative thinking; in which I seemlessly looped a 2-sec footage across a 7 second timeline. My intention with this creative production was to create a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist. Half way into the preproduction came the Covid 19 outbreak and we had to stay at home, with no access to machines, equipments and softwares in the university building. This was enough reason to change the idea, but I decided to go ahead with it - Filming in my house with my Samsung Edge phone, having my inexperienced housemates act, and recycling old footage from past projects. In the end, I arrived at a piece I am really happy with (and my PC paid the price by crashing beyond repair).


CGI Compositing

(Specialist Brief)


VFX Breakdown

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