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  • John Ovuson

Face your fears, with the car that has none! (video)

This is a copy I wrote (in 2017) for the Ford Raptor 150. The idea was to produce a campaign to market the truck into a Nigerian market. The target audience was for entrepreneurs/working class men within the age bracket of 30-50. Following some research, I came up with the idea that sedans and saloon cars do not do well on certain roads, or end up getting stuck because of how bad these roads are; in other words, "sedan/saloon cars are scared of some roads". This brought me to the big idea - This truck fears no road. At this point, after some bouncing of ideas, I arrived at the tagline 'face your fears, with the car that has none!' A daring tagline, to tap into a natural human desire to be powerful and fearless, thereby triggering an emotional response from the target audience - The need to be display strength.

Click on the image below to see video production of the copy.

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